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Tools for Local Media

Web-based tools that make it easy for:

  • Citizens to report issues in the public space from your website
  • Journalist to stay up-to-date on issues impacting the communities they serve
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Drive web traffic with SeeClickFix. Use widgets to engage viewers while using their content to source stories...

Dynamic List Widget
List widgets easily fit on a homepage or article page and drive traffic deeper into your site by linking to a SeeClickFix map widget.
Interactive Map Widget
Map widgets allow visitors to view issues in their area and report new issues directly through the outlet's site.
Real-Time Alerts
Journalists stay up-to-date with community concerns by creating public watch areas and receiving email notifications about their reader's issues.
Unique Hyperlocal Content
SeeClickFix issues reported through media outlets become the seeds for stories, investigations and more.
Dynamic List Widget

Text widget sDynamic List Widget

SeeClickFix list widgets give your website visitors a preview of the most recent issues reported in their community. The javascript widget automatically resizes to fit the space where it is embedded, making it a useful tool for directing visitors from your homepage or an article page, to another part of your site.

  • Geographically scalable - show issues from a single neighborhood or your entire market.
  • Display issues by status or by the type of problem reported.
  • Customize your colors and select how much information about each issue is shown.
  • Link your list widget directly to a SeeClickFix map widget on a separate page of your site.
  • Use our ad-supported widgets for free, or contact us for pricing on our premium ad-free tools.
Interactive Map Widget

Map widget sInteractive Map Widget

By allowing residents to view and report community issues directly through their website, media outlets create a more interactive and relevant online destination for visitors. SeeClickFix map widgets are easy to implement and completely scalable. In just a few clicks, media outlets can create completely customized tools that provide value to journalists and readers alike by displaying content unique to geography or topic.

Watch Area Alerts

Alerts s Real-Time Alerts

Media outlets can receive email notifications as new issues are submitted in their coverage area by signing up for a free SeeClickFix account and creating a public watch area. By communicating with citizens through the SeeClickFix platform, journalists become an integral part of the public debate and play an important role in advocating for the resolution of issues their audience is reporting.

Unique Hyperlocal Content

Content sUnique Hyperlocal Content

Expand news coverage about local issues important to your audience by staying informed of their concerns. SeeClickFix allows media outlets to monitor new reports as they're submitted and organize issues in a way that makes it easy to see which are most pressing and likely to generate immediate attention.